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Information Technology

iPro Systems by ARG: Unleashing Data, Empowering Success
Information Technology

Unlock the Power of Data with iPro Systems: iPro Systems is at the forefront of revolutionizing data extraction, sales tracking, and reporting for independent retailers. Our cutting-edge technology seamlessly collects daily POS data, eliminating the need for manual reporting and minimizing store labor. With precise tracking and accurate reporting, iPro ensures that stores are promptly reimbursed, leaving you free to focus on your core business. iPro services over 3000 stores, and is 100% retailer owned.

Featured Services

  • Ad layout development based on monitored product sales
  • Comprehensive analytics for performance benchmarking against competitors
  • Core item void reporting for store optimization
  • Regular weekly email alerts regarding product updates
  • Detailed tracking of 90-day sales trends
  • Insight into the top 50 items within each category and top 10 categories within each ad group
  • Analysis of missing items within each category in comparison to store sales

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